Project Name:       Kurikoma (Miyagi)

Code:                     NICE-16-006

Project Dates:      29 January – 7 February 2016

Organized together with Kurikoma Plateau Nature School (KPNS) since 2006. KPNS provide various nature-oriented courses, eco-tour, kids programs and independence support of the students who have difficult backgrounds. In the winter season, 2 meters of snow is piled up in Kurikoma, tourists is decreased due to the influence of snow. However they want to activate the town through a snow sculpture and international volunteer power. 

Work: We will do the various works needed in the KPNS and area such as lowering the snow and making the firewood using scrap wood. It will be physically hard. We will also build the snow statue with the youth in KPNS. 

Study Theme: Activate the isolated community and good practices in your country. Bring some info.! — 11 – 

Accommodation: Log cabin. Cook by volunteer. Sleeping Bag need

Location: Center of Tohoku area, north part of Japan. It is specified for the quasi-national park and you can enjoy the beech wood and the alpine plant in all seasons. Very cold in Feb & Mar.

Terminal: Tokyo (3 hours by bullet train or 9 hours by bus). You need to arrive at Narita airport by 07:30 on the first day and can leave there after 20:00 on the last day.) 

Leisure Activities: Exchange parties, excursion, etc. SR: Motivation to actively work in the cold area and with youth! There’ll be no camp leader while we will have a local coordinator. No vegetarian and cigarette smokers. 



ดาวน์โหลดใบสมัครข้างล่างนี้ ส่งไปที่, 08 1959 2961

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