Camp code: JAVVA16/01

Camp name: Special Olympics Belgium

Date: 29.04-11.05


Created by Eunice Kennedy Shriver in 1968, “Special Olympics” aim to providing year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Today, Special Olympics is a global movement serving more than 4 million people with intellectual disabilities in 178 countries and representing 30 different types of sports.

Special Olympics Belgium was founded in 1979 and is officially recognized by the Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee. It organises National Games every year (alternatively in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia) and send delegations of Belgian athletes to the Winter and Summer Special Olympics World Games. These competitions are open to any athlete with intellectual disability who regularly practise a sport at his/her own level. More than just a physical and sport training, these activities enhance the social development of the athletes.

The 2016 National Games will take place in La Louvière and will host about 3400 athletes and 1200 coaches from 300 sport clubs to compete in 19 adapted sports and disciplines. The programme will include a torch run, opening and closure ceremonies, an Olympic village, a healthy athletes programme and an art exhibitions from artists with mental disability.

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WORK:  For this 34th edition of the Belgian National Games, volunteers will help on several aspects of the event logistics, such as assembling and dismantling of structures, building and putting up the decorations, transport and unloading of material, waste management,… Volunteers will work with several teams of the organisation before and after the Games. During the 3 days of competitions, volunteers will provide guidance to athletes for one of the disciplines of the competition: a precision ball sport, related to bowls and “pétanque” called Bocce. The Opening Ceremony as well as the Torch Run will take place on May 4th while the Games will take place from May 5th to May 7th 2015.

Physical work will be asked to volunteers so it is important to take this into account. Volunteers will also have lighter tasks like guidance of athletes, decorations, waste management,…

ACCOMMODATION: Volunteers will sleep in the logistic centre of the organisation. Please bring a sleeping bag.

FOOD: Meals will be taken with the different teams of the organisation and will be prepared by local volunteers. Vegetarian food will is available but should be asked in advance.

LOCATION: The 2016 National Games will take place in La Louvière, a small city located in the Province of Hainaut, in the French-Speaking part of Belgium. The city is located about 50 km away from Brussels, 90 km East of Lille and 30 km from Charleroi. The place of the workcamp can be reached easily by public transport.

SPECIFIC INFORMATION:  This workcamp requires physical efforts at some moments. Volunteers are asked to prove a strong interest for the thematic of this event. There will be one free day before and one free day after the competition.

Please bring good working shoes and clothes that can get dirty as well as a raincoat in case of rainy weather.

LANGUAGE: English, French

TERMINAL : Brussels International Airport (Zaventem) or Brussels South Airport (Charleroi), meeting point at La Louvière Centre train station on 29/04. Train timetables on

SUMMARY OF THE WORKCAMP: (This description can be used for promotion of the project by the sending partners on their social media channels): For the 34th edition of the Belgian Special Olympics, a competition hosting about 3400 athletes with intellectual disabilities, a workcamp will take place in the city of La Louvière in order to help on several aspects of the logistics around the competition. Volunteers will also guide athletes for one of the disciplines during the National Games

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