« A Sound Mind in a Sound Body » is a long-term project that started on Oct. 1, 2015 and will end on Sept. 30, 2017, under the Youth of Erasmus+ Program of the European Commission in cooperation with partners from Belgium, France, Italy, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The project proposes an innovative approach that gives a voice to young people in an intercontinental context, enabling them to take ownership of the initiative towards the prevention of STIs (sexually transmitted infections). The project will involve teaching safe sex behaviors with different tools devised by young people themselves, allowing them to reach out to their peers, and responsible civic and voluntarily groups. The uniqueness of the project comes from its breadth as it tackles peer education on health issues on an intercultural scale.

Three “responsible sex seminars” will be organized where young people will be equipped with the necessary knowledge for tackling the issue as they make their way towards being ambassadors of healthy sexual behaviors to their peers, not only back in their countries, but also internationally. A series of online webinars, supported by a professional trainer in this field will also be implemented to keep the competencies of young people up-to-date and to motivate them to stay active in implementing local initiatives and to see campaigns through their fruition.  Upon its completion, the project will yield a publication on ( pls fill this in) as well as a web platform that will be useful as a space for continuous learning and for the regular interface of all stakeholders, ensuring the project’s sustainability.



• Belgium, Wireless asbl

• France, AFSSC (LYON)

• Italy, 196 Paesi

• Vietnam, Centre for sustainable Development Studies (CSDS)

• Thailand, Volunteer Spirit Association (VSA)

• Philippines, Global Initiative for Exchange and Development (GIED)



• Duration: 15 Days • Date of Activity: 13-27 April 2016 • Venue: Hanoi, Vietnam

• Participants: 3 participants per country (18-30 years old) – 6 Organizations x 3 participants = 18 international participants per seminar

• Work language: English, simple spoken level is enough.



• Must be 18 to 30 years old

•Youth leaders/Officers actively involved in the prevention of HIV-AIDS/STI issues

• Must have good command of English

• Willingness to participate in the discussions and activities

• Must be physically fit to travel

• Must have a valid passport, within six months prior to departure date. Applicants without passport details will not be considered.

• Must be willing to be an active VSA volunteer after the program to continue to promote the learning about HIV-AIDS/STI prevention and other youth participation related initiatives



1. One copy of the application form

2. One photocopy of passport / ID card and house reigstration

3. A Motivation letter which states the applicant’s a) Reasons for applying; b) Expectations of the programme; c) If chosen, the preparations the applicant will undertake prior to departure; d) HIV-AIDS/STI situation in the Philippines and his/her views and proposals for its improvement. (Maximum of 100 words, per question)



  • Registration Fee 6,000 Baht

The Organizer will provide 100% food and accommodation and local transport to all participants from all participating countries for the duration of the Seminar only. The international airfare travel expenses will be partly covered at maximum 70% of actual travel cost from the cheapest airfare available and the rest (30%) will be covered by each participant and or their organization/institution represented.

IMPORTANT: We reimburse the transport money only if the participant will ACTIVELY take part during the whole activity program.

Application and Selection Process


ส่งไปที่, 08 1959 2961, 08 3178 0642

ค่าใช้จ่าย : 6,000